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Kindee Valley Farm
pastured produce
Kindee Valley Farm


We supply ethically produced pastured food to the Mid North Coast, Sydney and Newcastle.

Pastured produce - a few steps freer than free range

Kindee Valley Farm grass-fed 'beef without the bull'
Kindee Valley Farm pastured 'pork naturally' 


What our customers are saying about us

"We tried your beef over Christmas and it was unbelievable.
It has been a while since we enjoyed such a tasty and delicious steak.
Thank you for all the hard work you do to provide such a quality product."
Sue and Mario Tadic, Sydney


"All the meat we have cooked/eaten so far has been just wonderful! The taste and quality is really noticeable - and believe me I have had quite a few food critics staying with us over the last few weeks! Have been extremely impressed with all the cuts so far – beef and pork. Thanks again for your helpful service - you will be getting further orders, once we have eaten our way through this lot!
Fiona Day, Hastings Valley


"The meat is beautiful and I feel so much better feeding my children this, we love the eggs too!"

Annie Mills, Port Macquarie


BEEF: Currenty we do not have market ready stock. Please contact us if you wish to preorder a grass-fed beef hamper later in the year.

PORK: We are taking hamper orders from local customers (Port Macquarie, Wachope). Please contact us to order. 

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We strive to ethically produce healthy, nutrient dense food while improving biodiversity and sequestering carbon in our soils. We want to reconnect people with the way in which their food is produced and operate under an open farm policy. We protect our animals' welfare by raising them under natural conditions and using low-stress handling techniques. Our pastured produce is a step freer than free range.
  • You know where your food comes from and how it is produced.
  • By eating local you are saving on food miles.
  • Buy our produce and build Australia’s regional economy.
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